Switch on Dark Mode on any Website with Droit Dark Mode Plugin

Looking to drastically reduce the concern of eye strain and eye-related issues from your day-to-day tasks? Interested in bringing in a fresh new look to your website? Want a smooth Dark Mode experience for your visitors? 

This look no further, this is the perfect WordPress plugin for you. Droit Dark Mode Plugin by DroitThemes makes it quick and easy to set an alternative look for your entire website with minimum effort. 

Stick along and we’ll show you how. 

Dark Mode is a common necessity for this day and age. Where we spend countless hours behind screens for our day-to-day tasks and needs from entertainment to education, everything is online these days. 

These uncheck hours behind screens can cause some serious long-term damage to your eyes, mostly due to harmful blue lights. 

The Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugin

Out of concern for visitors’ health and immersion, DroitThemes has created a super easy-to-use Dark Mode Plugin. Droit Dark Mode is a super easy setup and configure plugin that allows users to switch on and off Dark Mode in an instant.

This plugin is also capable of turning your entire website from light mode to dark mode, giving an altered perspective for all visitors if they choose so. 

With additional powerful tools such as dual image, users can easily add dark mode-friendly images to their website with a minimum effort straight from the WordPress dashboard.

Droit Dark Mode Plugin comes with some additional cool features, which are a productivity booster compared to the rest. 

Key Features

  • Multiple Switch Styles – You can choose from multiple switch style options and use them on your website.
  • Set Default Mode – The dark mode can be set as the default view on your website.
  • Switch Gutenberg Block – You can place a switch on any post/page by using the Gutenberg block.
  • Dashboard Dark Mode – You can also make your WordPress dashboard dark.
  • Multiple Color Presets – Choose from 10+ exclusive color presets for quick color changes in the dark mode.
  • Theme Compatibility – Dark Mode works well with most major themes available on the market, so no worries!
  • Dark Mode Using Shortcode – Display the dark mode switch button on your website using the shortcode.
  • Different Images For Dark Mode – Different images can be used for dark mode and light mode separately.
  • Exclude Specific Elements – You can exclude specific elements from the dark mode using CSS selectors.

These make the Droit Dark Mode Plugin standout among the rest and an excellent choice for all WordPress Users.

What Makes Saasland The Ideal Theme for Businesses?

When it comes to choosing the best WordPress business theme for your website, it may be a daunting undertaking. It’s even more challenging when choosing between thousands upon thousands of fantastic business-ready themes that are already available on various online marketplaces.

What should you think about while choosing the best business theme for your company? Should you prioritize aesthetics above functionality? Which one is best for your use case?

Well, let’s talk about it, shall we! While choosing a WordPress theme a few things must be taken into consideration. Such as — the type of website you’re trying to create, the design of the theme, functionality, pre-built element blocks, and features. 

Finding a well-balanced theme with stellar looks and features is a must for the long run. This helps websites attract and retain visitors, all the while being a joy to use. 

One such awesome Theme is Saasland — Multipurpose WordPress Theme, built and designed for popular niches such as — saas, software, startup, mobile app, agency, and related products & services.

Saasland is one of the most popular business WordPress themes for its fully responsive UI, retina-ready design elements that look great on all types of screens. 

And not only that, Saasland even comes with an array of powerful customization options with pre-built 40+ Home pages, over 100+ total pages, 250+ unique elements/blocks ready to go. 

Loaded with tons of great features and integrated with Elementor drag n drop page builder, Saasland is the ultimate business theme solution for any type of business, saas, agencies and so much more. 

With Saasland’s impressive library of pre-set demos and pages, users can easily create enticing websites in no time at all and further customize it with the help of the Elementor page builder. 

Saasland — MultiPurpose WordPress Theme is a great way to present and promote your start-up business or boost your current business and services. 

So, why wait, grab Saasland now and take your online business to its true potential.

We craft marketing & digital products that grow businesses.

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